Smoke fans

Axial fans for smoke ventilation complying with EN 12101-3:2002 requirements.

F300 Classification – running at 300 deg C for 2 hours

F400 Classification – running at 400 deg C for 2 hours

Our smoke fans are available in long cased, short cased and multistage variants, all tested for both horizontal and vertical applications.
All fans are constructed from the highest quality materials, using sheet steel casings with spun and punched flanges, hot dip galvanized after manufacture.

Brandgasfläkt SLCS
smokevent-slcs30 smokevent-slcs34
smokevent-slcs35 smokevent-slcs36
smokevent-slcs42 smokevent-slcs44
smokevent-slcs46 smokevent-slcs51
smokevent-slcs52 smokevent-slcs55