Mixed flow fans

The mixed flow fan combines the advantageous features of an axial flow fan with the properties of a centrifugal fan. An inexpensive design and duct arrangement with a stable fan curve and relatively high pressure.

Inlet size: from diameter 250mm up to 2500mm
Casing thickness: 1.5mm up to 16mm
Motor frame size: 63 up to 400
Drive type: Direct drive
Position: B, BD, BU according to Eurovent
Casing form: Long casing
Surface treatment: Primer, finish, hot dip galvanized,
on request
Material: Steel, aluminium, stainless steel,
acid proof steel, special alloys
Special design: Flame-proof, high temperature, shock-proof,
according to requirements
Mixed Flow Fan multi.smb_004
multi.smb_005 multiflow-smc59
multiflow-smc62 multiflow-smc63