Centrifugal fans

Robust and reliable design for industrial use. High efficiency up to 90%.

Inlet size: 63mm up to 2500mm
Casing thickness: 1.5mm up to 20mm
Casing types: RNN (Low pressure)
LRZ (Low pressure)
PRZ (Medium pressure)
MRZ (Medium pressure)
HRZ (High pressure)
SRZ (Ultra high pressure)
Impeller types: Minimum 6 types per casing
Including dust impellers
Motor frame size: 63 up to 450
Drive type: Direct-, coupling- or belt drive. Click here
Material: Steel, aluminium, stainless steel,
acid proof steel, special alloys
Surface treatment: Primer, finish, hot dip galvanized,
on request
Rotation and discharge: According to Eurovent. Click here
Special design: Flame-proof, extreme temperature, gas-tight,
corrosion resistant, earthquake safe, shock-proof,
according to requirements
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